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5 tips to increase your chances to win an auction

5 winning strategies for online auctions

Whether you're a newcomer to the world of online auctions or a seasoned bidding veteran, navigating the competitive landscape of online auctions can be daunting. Securing your desired lot is even more challenging, with the risk of being outbid or placing your bid just a moment too late.

So, how do you avoid such disappointments and ensure you land the lots you’re after? In this article, we share five essential strategies to help you triumph in an online auction.

1. Stay updated with the auction calendar

To increase your chances, it's crucial to keep a close eye on the auction calendar. Make sure you know exactly when an auction starts and be ready to place your bid the moment it begins. A good preparation can give you that slight edge needed to win the lot.

2. Inspect the lot thoroughly

A thorough inspection of the lot you're interested in is key. Take your time to carefully review the images and descriptions. If there are viewing days, make sure to attend. This gives you a unique opportunity to examine the lots up close, ensuring you know exactly what you're bidding on.

3. Add lots to your favorites

With Troostwijk Auctions, you can track lots and add them to your list of favorites. This ensures you automatically receive updates when a lot becomes available or when an auction is about to close. Adopting this strategic approach means you won't miss out on any opportunities.

4. Utilize automatic bidding

A useful feature at Troostwijk Auctions is automatic bidding. With this feature, you can set your maximum bid, and the system will bid on your behalf up to this limit. This saves time and the pre-set maximum amount prevents you from exceeding your budget unintentionally.

5. Watch the clock

Timing is everything in (online) auctions. Bids can only be placed within a limited timeframe. Therefore, keep a close eye on when a lot closes and ensure your bids are timely. This increases your chances of staying ahead of the competition and placing the winning bid.

Armed with these five tips, you're all set to successfully bid on the lots you want. Curious about what Troostwijk Auctions has to offer and eager to participate in auctions? Take a look at our online auction calendar and start bidding today. Best of luck!


About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value. The company is all about finding, recognising, and cashing in on that value, often through online auctions but also through tenders and private sales processes. The company values, advises and is Europe's largest business-to-business auction house with global reach. According to the company, online auctioning is an excellent and objective sales channel. Troostwijk Auctions achieves the highest returns in the market through a fast, safe, and transparent process. Value also revolves around people. Respect and sustainability are of paramount importance. According to Troostwijk Auctions, every product deserves a life that extends past its first owner. Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 810,000 lots each year for companies from sectors including agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving, and transport & logistics. The company has local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 147 countries.


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Annelies van den Dool