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About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value.

The company is all about finding, recognising, and cashing in on that value, often through online auctions but also through tenders and private sales processes. The company values, advises and is Europe's largest business-to-business auction house with global reach. According to the company, online auctioning is an excellent and objective sales channel. Troostwijk Auctions achieves the highest returns in the market through a fast, safe, and transparent process. Value also revolves around people. Respect and sustainability are of paramount importance. According to Troostwijk Auctions, every product deserves a life that extends past its first owner. Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 810,000 lots each year for companies from sectors including agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving, and transport & logistics. The company has local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 147 countries.


Sandra van den Broek
Head of Marketing and Communication
Sandra van den Broek
Annelies van den Dool
Content Manager
Annelies van den Dool