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5 advantages of visiting a viewing day

Viewing day at Troostwijk Auctions

If you want to bid on a lot from an online auction at Troostwijk Auctions, you have probably already looked at the photos, videos, and description of the lot in detail. Of course, a great amount of information can be found online, but would it not be much nicer if you could see and touch the goods before you bid on them?  

Are you still hesitating to attend a viewing day of a lot you want to bid on? Here are five advantages on why viewing days are well worth a visit.

1. A chance to ask experts

Days like these give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to experts on location. At every auction, experts of Troostwijk Auctions are present on site to provide additional information about the lots, the auction process, or specific details that may not be mentioned online.

2. See the lots with your own eyes   

On viewing days you can see and touch the lots you have in mind. You can also compare machines with each other, giving you an even better idea of which lot to bid on.  

3. Review the condition of the lot   

During viewing days, you can view and review the condition of lots. This is important for machinery or vehicles. Although the condition of all goods is described on the website, it offers reassurance to judge the lots with your own eyes. At Troostwijk Auctions, during certain viewing days, labels are used to indicate the condition of the lot. A green label means that the lot has been tested and is working. An range or blue label means that the lot is not fully working. The conition of each lot is always described online.


4. Make a deliberate bid 

You can make better decisions about the lots you are interested in when attending viewing days. You can determine what you think of the condition and value of the property and make a bid based on that.

5. Be part of the experience 

A viewing day is not only useful, there is also always a good atmosphere. Starting with a cup of coffee and seeing the many lots on the location. Moreover, you can have a chat with fellow interested parties and experts of Troostwijk Auctions, creating a good time to sharing experiences. 

Auction calendar  

In the auction calendar of Troostwijk Auctions you can see which auctions are currently running. Curious about the next viewing day? Check the auction calendar for the complete overview. 


About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value. The company is all about finding, recognising, and cashing in on that value, often through online auctions but also through tenders and private sales processes. The company values, advises and is Europe's largest business-to-business auction house with global reach. According to the company, online auctioning is an excellent and objective sales channel. Troostwijk Auctions achieves the highest returns in the market through a fast, safe, and transparent process. Value also revolves around people. Respect and sustainability are of paramount importance. According to Troostwijk Auctions, every product deserves a life that extends past its first owner. Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 810,000 lots each year for companies from sectors including agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving, and transport & logistics. The company has local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 147 countries.


Annelies van den Dool
Brand and Communications Manager
Annelies van den Dool