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4 tips for a good preparation when you start auctioning

good preparation of the location

When you decide to auction goods or machinery (also known as lots) at Troostwijk Auctions, we are here to assist you. Our experts will take a significant load off your shoulders; they'll photograph the items, write up descriptions, and ensure your lots are showcased to their best advantage on our platform. To facilitate this as smoothly as possible, it's essential that you undertake some initial preparations. Together, we can ensure your auction is a great success.

Here are four tips to help you prepare for your auction:

1. Ensure all goods and machinery are clean and tidy

It goes without saying: clean and tidy items sell better at auction. They simply look more attractive and give the impression that the lot has been well-maintained. Pay attention to the details when preparing your items and remove any unnecessary parts to avoid confusion about what's included in the sale. Keep in mind that photos taken by our experts often reveal more than the naked eye can see.

2. Organize the location

A clean and well-organized location enhances the presentation and quality of your online auction. Arranging machines in a neat lineup gives a professional, polished appearance online. For example, group large machines together and organize smaller tools neatly. This not only improves online visuals but also makes it easier for bidders to navigate the location during viewing days.

3. Have all descriptions ready

Our experts are eager to take on most of the work for you. To ensure they can upload all product details online, it's helpful if you've gathered as much information as possible about the machines or goods in advance. This includes manuals and other important documents, saving both of us time and contributing to a smooth collaboration.

4. Determine the value of your goods beforehand

You want to provide bidders with the best possible overview of what you're selling. Therefore, keep the number of lots manageable and assess the value of your machinery in advance. If you have many small, less valuable lots, consider discussing with a Troostwijk account manager whether it might be more efficient to combine them. This can save a significant amount of time in getting everything online and may also lead to quicker sales.

To sum up

- Clean the items you're auctioning, including the small details.
- Choose an appropriate location to highlight your lots in photographs.
- Arrange your machinery and goods in a logical order, maintaining adequate space between items.
- Keep the location clean.
- Ensure you have all product details about the lots at hand, including manuals and important documents.

Troostwijk Auctions is keen to maximize the success of your auction with you. By taking the above preparations, you can enhance the value of your machinery and maximize your auction's outcome. The experts at Troostwijk Auctions will handle the rest!
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