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"The auction raised 350K more than expected!"

Jan van de Ven from Someren, The Netherlands - sellerJan van de Ven from Someren, The Netherlands - seller

Jan van de Ven (67) is quitting the activities of his contractor and earthmoving company ´Gebr. Van de Ven´ after 45 years; founded by his father back in 1967. Jan explains: "Last year my brother, with whom I ran the company, passed away and my children will not continue the business. I then started thinking about what would be a good time to stop. It actually happened very quickly, as agri-account manager Stef convinced me that I had to sell in the spring because of the mowing season. After all, no one is waiting for mowers in the fall. And that worked well; there was a lot of bidding against each other!" 

"When I decided to sell my business, I did not hesitate for a moment: I wanted to do it with the help of Troostwijk. Troostwijk has an exceptionally good reputation. And buyers from all over Europe. I did not even consider other auction platforms, as I do not think it would work out. The great advantage of auctioning through Troostwijk is that you can offer not only your machines, but also all other conceivable goods. So, I ended up with a total of over 500 lots!" 

Unburdened by employees of Troostwijk
A year ago, account manager Stef Hooijman already visited Jan once to do a valuation. "I first wanted to see if I could sell everything at once, but that did not work out at that time. Then I chose to auction. Site managers from Troostwijk came along and took a lot of the work off my hands by numbering everything, photographing it and putting it online.

The conduct of the auction 
The auction went beyond all expectations. All but a few old tires were sold. This went extremely well for Jan. With a fantastic result; the auction raised 350K more than he expected!" 

Lots sent abroad 
The collection day also went very well. Jan: "It was very busy and quite chaotic, but the Troostwijk staff remained very calm. What I found special was the number of lots that went abroad. Even small items like tires. Many foreign buyers then come with a van and then they just load it on collection day." 

Not a black hole 
Jan is not afraid of falling into a black hole now that his business has been sold, "I always worked very hard, and we rarely went on vacation. I never really needed one either, but now that is different. Next year we want to take a nice faraway trip. And we have been able to buy land to put up a bungalow. In addition, I am not going to sit completely still; one day a week I will continue to do best-equipment support, for which I have set up a one-man business. Now that the auction has concluded so well, I can set my sights on a new phase of life again." 

About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value and is driven to make digital auctioning the best way to add value for business sellers and buyers. The digital auction platform optimally connects local, convenient and fast sales with global demand. They do this by combining the power of their people, technology and data. This is how Troostwijk Auctions builds a profitable business, rewards their people and extends the life of goods to reduce waste and emissions. Each year, Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 1 million lots for companies in sectors such as agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving and transportation & logistics. The company has an average of 4 million visits to the platform per month, local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 175 countries. For more information about Troostwijk Auctions: https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/


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