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"Through Troostwijk's international network, we have sold in more than 10 countries!"

De zaagtafel die Willem Schulpen van Ritmeester BV verkochtDe zaagtafel die Willem Schulpen van Ritmeester BV verkocht

Interior builder Willem Schulpen from Alblasserdam had joinery equipment for sale after taking over his business. Renovation specialist Mattias Vanderstraeten from Opwijk in Flemish Brabant was looking for it. Through Troostwijk Auctions, they found each other.

Ritmeester BV was a thriving business in interior design for yachting, homes and offices for 35 years until owner and business manager Willem Schulpen passed on his business this year. Through Troostwijk Auctions, he sold the machinery and maintenance tools. "The transferee had his own machinery," explains Willem Schulpen.

"I briefly considered an ad or Markplaats.nl, but then Troostwijk came to mind. I knew their long tradition and I don't like advertising, because then you get a mishmash of responses. I also didn't find a machine buyer an attractive solution."

Large professional network

Willem Schulpen got in touch and Troostwijk dropped by for an interview. "A very positive introduction. They were keen to auction my equipment. They explained the procedure to me, prepared a description of the lots and set the auction dates. They were enormously flexible in that too."

International reach

Before an auction starts online, there is first an on-site viewing day at the seller's premises. Willem Schulpen: "Several interested parties indeed turned up there. Then the online bidding could begin. Especially at the end of the last auction day, I noticed professional bidding. I was really surprised by the strength of the network: Troostwijk has a very large international reach, so we sold in more than 10 countries. Through an advertisement that would never have happened!"

About Troostwijk Auctions

About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value and is driven to make digital auctioning the best way to add value for business sellers and buyers. The digital auction platform optimally connects local, convenient and fast sales with global demand. They do this by combining the power of their people, technology and data. This is how Troostwijk Auctions builds a profitable business, rewards their people and extends the life of goods to reduce waste and emissions. Each year, Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 1 million lots for companies in sectors such as agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving and transportation & logistics. The company has an average of 4 million visits to the platform per month, local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 175 countries.

For more information about Troostwijk Auctions: https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/


Annelies van den Dool
Brand and Communications Manager
Annelies van den Dool