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Epic Auctions becomes part of Troostwijk Auctions

Epic Auctions part of Troostwijk Auctions_Arno Hendrikse

Epic Auctions will become part of Troostwijk Auctions. This means that sellers and bidders currently using the Epic auction platform will transfer to Troostwijk Auctions' platform. This will give them access to a large, international reach and an extensive range of machines and goods. At the same time, existing customer relationships remain intact, preserving the local character. Moreover, sellers can now auction on a weekly basis, instead of monthly. The last auction running on the Epic auction platform will close on March 27.

Almost a year after the acquisition of Epic Auctions by the TBAuctions group, the auction platform now becomes part of Troostwijk Auctions, which also belongs to the group. A logical next step with which Troostwijk Auctions further strengthens its position particularly in agriculture, transport, earthmoving and construction. "The activities of Epic Auctions fit seamlessly with the specializations that have traditionally been part of Troostwijk," says Arno Hendrikse, Managing Director Troostwijk Auctions Nederland. "By transferring sellers and bidders from Epic Auctions to our platform, we add value for all entrepreneurs who want to auction or buy used goods and machinery. As a rule of thumb, more bidders lead to a better auction result. This has a pull effect on sellers, broadening the supply and allowing more bidders to find what they are looking for."

Physical location and registration desk

Epic Auctions becoming a part of Troostwijk Auctions also has advantages for the current Troostwijk seller and bidder. For example, the physical auction location of Epic Auctions near Breda, in Hazeldonk, will be made available to all sellers on the Troostwijk platform. Sellers can have their used goods and machines auctioned from this location starting April 4. This is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs who want to auction only a few assets and do not choose to do this from their own location. Recognition by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority will also remain available in Breda, allowing Troostwijk users to register license plate related business assets under the name of the new owner.

"At Troostwijk Auctions, we multiply the power of our technology, data and people. You can see that in every phase of this transition, such as the integration of the Hazeldonk location and the license plate registration desk into our operations," Hendrikse said. "In addition, we are taking over the entire staff of Epic Auctions. These new colleagues take with them not only expert knowledge, but also personal contacts and long-term customer relationships. This is how we stay local, despite the fact that we are growing."


Current Auctions

The transition from Epic Auctions to Troostwijk Auctions does not affect existing auctions already scheduled through the Epic Auctions platform. New auctions can be registered on the Troostwijk Auctions platform as of mid-March and assets can be auctioned as of April 4. For sellers currently active on the Epic Auctions platform, this means that they can now auction on a weekly basis, instead of monthly.

About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value and is driven to make digital auctioning the best way to add value for business sellers and buyers. The digital auction platform optimally connects local, convenient and fast sales with global demand. They do this by combining the power of their people, technology and data. This is how Troostwijk Auctions builds a profitable business, rewards their people and extends the life of goods to reduce waste and emissions. Each year, Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 1 million lots for companies in sectors such as agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving and transportation & logistics. The company has an average of 4 million visits to the platform per month, local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 175 countries.


Annelies van den Dool
Brand and Communications Manager
Annelies van den Dool