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Buyer Hossein from Canada: “I went to Belgium to view the lots”

Buyer Hossein from Canada: “I went to Belgium to view the lots of the McThree auction" (textile)Buyer Hossein from Canada: “I went to Belgium to view the lots of the McThree auction" (textile)

Because of the bankruptcy of McThree Carpets from Waregem (Belgium), the entire contents of the carpet company were auctioned last April via Troostwijk Auctions. The almost 1,500 lots attracted great interest from within Belgium and abroad. More than 35,000 bids were submitted by more than 5,000 bidders from the Netherlands, Great Britain, North Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Moldova as well as from Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, India, Canada, and Egypt. We would like to give you an insight into who those buyers are and why they chose an auction in Belgium to buy their machines.

“You should have a maximum bid in mind and not exceed it”

One of the buyers at the McThree Carpets auction was Hossein Aliahmadi. With his company Omid Enterprises, he trades in textile machines from Canada.
“I received information about this auction of McThree Carpets at Troostwijk Auctions via a website about textile machines”, says Aliahmadi. “The auction was in Belgium, which is certainly not around the corner from Canada. But these types of machines don’t often come up for sale in this way. So I wanted to seize this opportunity. I even flew to Belgium for two days to view and inspect the machines. Of course, there was also a virtual online tour. But I prefer to see things with my own eyes. And fortunately that is possible at Troostwijk”.

“I got a bit carried away”

Aliahmadi: “The McThree Carpets auction near Troostwijk was well organised – both the viewing day and all the information you need as a buyer”. Because he had extensively examined the lots he was interested in in advance, Aliahmadi entered the bidding process well prepared. At least, that’s what he thought. “I had a target price in my head for everything. But when the auction was about to close, it really became a madhouse”, says Aliahmadi. “There was a lot of competition, and I got a bit carried away. My advice to other buyers is therefore to think about the maximum amount you want to offer and don’t exceed it".

Interesting auctions

Nevertheless, Aliahmadi managed to make a good deal at the McThree Carpets auction. “I bought almost 40 lots, and I am quite pleased with that. Everything goes to my customers in India, Oman, and other countries in the Middle East.”

The trader has already made several purchases through online auctions in Canada and the US. But this was his first purchase in an online auction at Troostwijk Auctions. “I had already done business with Troostwijk 10 years ago. But that was at a ‘normal’ auction and not online. So I already knew the name Troostwijk. I expect that I will certainly buy more through Troostwijk Auctions. There are often interesting auctions, so I keep an eye on things”.

About Troostwijk Auctions

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