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3 questions to... Isabelle and Shana

Troostwijk Auctions - Isabelle Goes and Shana Herremans

At Troostwijk Auctions, we are privileged to work with a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their own unique stories and background. It is diversity that enriches our work environment. As Europe's leading digital B2B auction platform, we are committed to assessing and advising with both passion and expertise, striving to make a collective impact. At the heart of our operations lies a strong sense of collaboration and team spirit. Today, we shine a spotlight on two of our colleagues who make a significant contribution every day. Let us introduce you to Isabelle Goes (33), an account manager whose keen insights and customer-focused approach brings a breath of fresh air into our organization. And meet Shana Herremans (37), Team Lead for Internal Account Management at Troostwijk Belgium. With her seven years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, she has become an expert in the online auction arena.

In order to get to know Isabelle and Shana better, we engage them in conversation using three personalized questions each. Starting off with Shana from Belgium.

Shana Herremans - Troostwijk Auctions Belgium

Shana Herremans - “Handling goods that belong to someone else, we must always remember these items are part of someone’s business, legacy, or collection."

Shana, could you share a project or auction that you are especially proud of?
“Quite recently, we orchestrated the auction of a hospital’s contents. It was a complex and significant project just a short distance from our Antwerp office. What I find truly special about this project is the way everyone contributed in their own unique way. Account managers stepped up to catalogue the thousands of machines, site managers from across regions were mobilized and our office staff was ready to manage the viewing and collection days. It's a testament to the fact that there’s nothing the Belgian team can't organize or sell, which I find incredibly rewarding.”

What gives you a deep sense of satisfaction in your work?
“As a team leader, it’s crucial for me to ensure everyone feels supported and that we can depend on one another. I’m proud to say that we've achieved this within my team. I'm proud of the team I've built and our collective spirit. Our diversity makes us complementary and fuels our growth as a team.”

Isabelle Goes, Troostwijk Auctions Nederland

Isabelle Goes - “What may hold lesser value for one might be invaluable and beneficial to another."

Isabelle, as Account Manager for small businesses, hospitality and leisure, what feeling do you start your working day with?
“It's the unpredictability that excites me. I prepare for the meetings with entrepreneurs, yet the actual situation always holds a surprise. I’m constantly discovering and learning, amazed by the diversity in locations, items, businesses and the entrepreneurs themselves. The auction closings are particularly thrilling. The market dictates and it’s fascinating to monitor and spot opportunities. Crafting win-win situations is paramount - for the seller, the buyer and for Troostwijk. Achieving these triple wins is truly rewarding.”

Can you recount an experience where you felt your work genuinely made a difference?
“There have been instances where I arrived on-site to find people overwhelmed. Providing a solution and helping them recover within a few weeks by facilitating sales and alleviating their concerns is profoundly satisfying. Also, assisting businesses in closing efficiently, contrary to the lengthy processes they anticipated, is incredibly fulfilling.”

Finally, a question for both. Our motto  is “everything has value.” What does this mean to you personally?
Shana: “It’s crucial to recognize we’re handling goods that belong to someone else and must always remember these items are part of someone’s business, legacy, or collection. My approach doesn't change regardless of my personal views on an item's importance. In my daily job, this is best reflected in the handling of complaints, maintaining neutrality and prioritizing the client's interest.”

And for you Isabelle?
"What may hold lesser value for one might be invaluable and beneficial to another. We expertly match supply with demand in our digital auctions, uncovering unique items for our buyers and ensuring sellers get the best possible returns. Even items deemed outdated or unusable under our laws can introduce innovation in another country. Occasionally, clients underestimate the value of their machinery, only to be astonished when it receives bids far beyond their expectations—sometimes as much as twenty times the initial estimate. This just goes to show that what might seem ordinary to one can be perceived as incredibly valuable to another, leading to proceeds that far exceed expectations. It has also sometimes happened the other way around, but that's just the cool thing about the auction world," Isabelle concludes with a wink.

Would you like to become Isabelle or Shana's new colleague? We are always looking for motivated and talented people who want to make a difference with us. Check out the opportunities right here and contribute to a successful future in the world of digital auctions.

About Troostwijk Auctions

Troostwijk Auctions believes that everything has value and is driven to make digital auctioning the best way to add value for business sellers and buyers. The digital auction platform optimally connects local, convenient and fast sales with global demand. They do this by combining the power of their people, technology and data. This is how Troostwijk Auctions builds a profitable business, rewards their people and extends the life of goods to reduce waste and emissions. Each year, Troostwijk Auctions auctions more than 1 million lots for companies in sectors such as agriculture, food, metal, construction, earthmoving and transportation & logistics. The company has an average of 4 million visits to the platform per month, local sector specialists throughout Europe and buyers in 175 countries. For more information about Troostwijk Auctions: https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/


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